49 Below was born as a venture that believes in making the best ice cream without cutting corners. It's about local ingredients and small batches. The ingredients in our pints are things you pick up in a grocery store or at the market, not a science lab. There are no preservatives and no artificial flavours. Just pure, delicious ice cream. We are a small-batch producer because this allows us to infuse our products with a level of attention and passion that is impossible for large-scale factories to reproduce.

Pure ice cream goodness that you can feel good about.

Mission & Vission

Most of us grew up eating ice cream out of gallon containers from the grocery store. It usually had freezer burn and artificial flavours. Who knew how long ago the ice cream was made - let alone where or how it was made? Our goal is to go back to the basics and make ice cream the way it's meant to be made. Without the preservatives, artificial flavours and fillers.

Meet Our Team



After almost 10 years of working a mundane desk job, I decided I needed a creative outlet that would be a one-eighty from what I was doing. Something that would allow me to incorporate various interests ranging from cooking to business, photography to marketing.

Making ice cream has been a passion since 2009 when I was given a small ice cream maker by my parents as a Christmas present. I've been experimenting with flavours and styles ever since.


49 Below Mascot

What's with the octopus?? Well, there are three reasons behind it.

  • I got my BSc in Biology from UVic and spent a good chunk of time studing these majestic creatures.

  • The Giant Pacific octopus, or Enteroctopus dofleini as we like to call him in the biz, calls our waters home.

  • My wife and I were married at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea and had one of these fellas with us on our special day.

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